Advanced Encryption Package


Encrypt your documents so no one snoops around in them


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Advanced Encryption Package 2006 is a program for encrypting all kinds of documents to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

It can encrypt files using four unique algorithms, with variable security levels and sizes: DESX, from 128 bits, Blowfish, from 448 bits, Rijndael and CAST from 256 bits.

This program will encrypt photographs, images, as well as text documents. In order to unencrypt the file, the computer receiving it must also have this program installed.

Advanced Encryption Package 2006 also supports self-extracting files and password-protected ZIP files. Moreover, you can format the clusters of the hard drive where a certain file is stored so that its impossible to recover it even with programs designed to do so.

It also includes a random password generator, which builds them according to the movements of the mouse or the computer's clock.

Lastly, you can write an email and encrypt it from the program interface. The contents of the email will open automatically with the email client that is installed on the computer.

The shareware version only develops passwords 3 characters in length.

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